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ways to show affection to a woman

How many times have you thought everything was going fine with a woman you just started dating, only to find out later that she feels like you “just don’t care?”

It’s no secret that men and women often have problems communicating. And it’s no one’s fault. We’re just different. But when it comes to getting a new relationship off to a good start, you not only have to express your feelings, but you have to … Keep Reading

how to improve the quality of your dates

Hi guys, it’s Emyli–and this week we’re talking about how to improve the quality of your dates. Keep in mind that this guide is meant for people that are discovering the many benefits of MegaDating and utilizing it as a strategy to achieve their dating goals. If you haven’t mastered the art of MegaDating yet, head on over to this article to learn why MegaDating is the best dating strategy, or go to this Keep Reading