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finding love in san francisco

Are you looking for love, marriage, or a long term relationship here in the San Francisco Bay Area? Let me re-frame that…..are you STILL looking for love, marriage, or a long term relationship here in the San Francisco Bay Area? As a San Francisco Dating Coach, it boggles my mind that so many good looking, fun, and successful locals are still knocking their heads and wondering “why am I still single?”

The San Francisco Keep Reading

ways to touch a woman on a date

It’s Emyli, America’s online dating coach. You’re watching EmLovzTV, the place to be if you’re looking to meet and attract the perfect partner. Are you wondering: when should a woman have sex with a man? If yes, make sure and read this article before you sleep with him. 

Today we’re launching our “Should I Sleep With Him” series. Over the course of the next 4 episodes, you’re going to learn how to not become Keep Reading

Emyli here, your San Francisco Dating Coach. How would you complete the following sentence? Online Dating Is _________.

Some may find it scary, others exciting and adventurous, or unfulfilling and a downright challenge. People have such varying views on online dating that it is hard to formulate a single public opinion. That’s why I have a special treat for you this week.

Oscar Nilsson, a San Francisco-based filmmaker invited me to participate in this short Keep Reading

how to have self confidence while dating

It’s Emyli here, America’s Online Dating Coach. When I was in school I studied politics. My favorite class was Campaign Strategy with Dan Schnur.

In class we read a terrific book called Hardball: How Politics Is Played By One Who Knows The Game.

In this book, Chris Matthews shares valuable lessons that apply, not just to politics, but also to dating. One of them is a common saying called “hang a lantern.”

To “hang Keep Reading

It’s Emyli, your dating coach for men based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today we’re launching our four-part location selection series. Over the course of the next four episodes, you’re going to learn how to select the perfect location for a first date.

Why is this important? Because location selection subconsciously affects many factors of a date.

For example, if a neighborhood feels unsafe or foreign, it can make a woman feel uneasy and Keep Reading

It’s Emyli, your San Francisco Matchmaker and Online Dating Coach. Have you ever wondered if the reason you were still single is because of the city you lived in?

Maybe you live too far outside of the city to meet new people.

If that’s the case, then you might get some inspiration from this week’s episode.

In this segment of EmLovzTV, you’re going to learn how to meet people when you live outside a Keep Reading

EmLovz here, your San Francisco Matchmaker and SF Dating Coach. Did you know it takes an average of 7 hours for a woman to feel comfortable enough to become physically intimate with a man?

Generally, this happens over the span of the first 3 dates.

However, if date #2 is going well, there are ways of successfully transitioning into date #3 on the same day… and thus, becoming intimate sooner — without losing respect.Keep Reading