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why women don't respond on dating apps

Wondering why women don’t respond on dating apps (as much as you want them to)?

Novelist Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, once wrote that when she asked a male friend why men feel threatened by women, he replied, “They’re afraid women will laugh at them.” And when she later asked a group of women why they feel threatened by men, they said, “We’re afraid of being killed.”

Sounds like an exaggeration, but Keep Reading

free dating sites

You want to put yourself out there in the online dating world, but you don’t feel like pulling out your credit card to do it. No worries! There are a variety of free dating sites and apps at your disposal. While some of these free dating sites have paid options to unlock premium features, many give you a great online dating experience without requiring a cent.

The following is an exhaustive list of free online … Keep Reading

addicted to dating apps

The world of dating apps sucks you in slowly. First, you put your profile up with high hopes. You check for notifications constantly. Then, you find your dream woman (or let’s be honest, a few) and spend hours writing witty, personalized messages … only to be ignored.

Crushed, you come back and hit it hard. Maybe you start banging out a bunch of “Hey, beautiful” notes to your B list. And from that point on, Keep Reading

pof review

Depending on how old you are, you might not remember that several decades ago, before the internet, people used to place personal advertisements in local newspapers to find dates. An example might be “Single White Male, 30 years old, seeking soul mate for companionship and love.”

It seems quite funny these days to think that people would look through newspapers to find a date instead of the internet, doesn’t it? But after all, that’s all … Keep Reading