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Author: Kaka Kabaya

Karuri Muthaka


EmLovz Approved Expert
Kaka Kabaya is a Kenyan Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Blogger at Guy Talk, a community Blog on Men’s issues and Lifestyle.
As the world fast-paces its way into gender equality and moral civilization, voicing out our opinions in a way that everybody can relate to is all we have left. Visit Guy Talk for more insightful and helpful content you can relate to.

Here's how it works:
  1. A phone call to plan and get acquainted.
  2. You choose your package
  3. 30-60 mins at a location with a variety of backgrounds.
  4. Strategically planned clothes that we can swap around to give the illusion of multiple days and outfits.
  5. Maybe some props to further show who you are: Sometimes people bring athletic equipment, tools, musical instruments, books—anything that shows what you like, what you do, or your personality.
  6. 10+ edited and retouched photos, with a range of posed, candid, and headshot-style images you can use professionally, too!

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