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How Much Should A Dating Coach Cost?

How Much Should A Dating Coach Cost?

How Much Should A Dating Coach Cost?

During this great resignation, it feels as though even Cupid has quit his position.

Without the benevolent love fairy by your side, what are you to do?

Turns out Cupid isn’t the only love doctor around.

Dating coaches from coast to coast are standing by, waiting to fill the void your mythical love fairy has left behind.

Yet while most single men could benefit from a dating coach, not everyone is willing to hire one.

One reason they’re hesitant is the cost.

Singles will only dish out the cash for bonafide dating coaches that have a proven track record of helping their clients find love. But even with a track record they still may be reluctant to pay a stranger to help them improve such a sensitive aspect of their life.

In this article, we’ll not only answer the question of how much should a dating coach cost but also give you the signs you need to look for when hiring one.

how much should a dating coach cost

How Much Should A Dating Coach Cost?

It’s not about the cost of a dating coach, it’s about the price of love.

The price of a wife, a family, a future you’re satisfied with.

That’s what you’re getting when you hire a quality dating coach like us here at emlovz.

With that said, how much does love cost?

It’s About The Transformation

The worth of a dating coach is directly tied to their impact.

It’s not about the cost as much as the transformation.

I’m sure you’d pay the world to find love.

So what exactly should you be paying for when you hire a dating coach?

Dating coaches aren’t here to talk about your childhood feelings, we’re here to give you actionable, goal-oriented strategies to achieve real-life goals.

Therapists are great and they bill by the hour, but they have a different focus and their work with you is ongoing.

So let’s compare dating coaches to their most oft-compared counterpart; the therapist. 

It’s normal to meet with a counselor once a week for the rest of your life.

So if you’re paying a therapist $25-$125/week for the next 30 years, that’s going to add up.

And believe me, I love therapists.

I want my clients to go to therapy.

Therapists are Gods in my book.

But they don’t do what dating coaches do.

A good coach, be it dating, fitness, nutrition, finance, any good coach creates a transformation in your belief system.

Instead of talking through difficult memories from childhood, a coach’s focus is on shifting your limiting beliefs so you start seeing yourself as the badass that you truly are so you can start getting what you truly deserve. We create major shifts in your perception.

It’s like taking the red pill in the Matrix.

So when you’re trying to determine what to pay for a coach that you believe will transform a very important area of your life, don’t think about it by the hour.

That’s not what’s most important.

What would you pay to get the woman of your dreams, the body of your dreams, the home of your dreams, the clear skin of your dreams?

That’s how to think about it.

Questions to ask yourself before investing in a coach:

And what amount will hold you accountable to that vision that you have in your mind?

What investment do you need to make in yourself to get your ass out of bed in the morning when you want to sleep in?

What do you need to put forth to get yourself to do the hard work that is required to become a champion of whatever you’re looking to master?

That’s how you want to look at this investment.

This is an investment in you.

This is an investment in your future.

It’s an investment in what you believe you are worth.


So next time you try and break apart how much to pay a coach based on hours worked, reconsider.

And be wary of coaches who are working on an hourly rate because they probably haven’t yet mastered their craft enough to stand behind the transformations that they can truly create.

You should trust the coach that knows this. A coach who is new to the business or hasn’t learned that they’re in the business of transformation may charge around $100 an hour.

This is a sign that they’re new and may not have the expertise needed to help you transform your life.

This doesn’t mean they can’t help, it just means you’re probably going to get a band-aid fix.

True transformation is a 360-degree transformation.

One more thing. 

Are you really all in?

Your potential for transformation is only limited by your willingness to work. 

When I was in undergrad, the fear of failing out and having to pay back my student loans is what kept me up at night studying my ass off.

I did what I had to do and I pushed harder than I’ve ever had to push because the investment I made in myself (with student loans) was more than I could cover without the success of a college degree. And let me tell you something, Cal Berkeley wasn’t easy.

I thought I was going to fail every day but I kept pushing and kept pushing and never stopped because I’d made the commitment to myself and the investment in myself.

Success was my only option.

Make it yours too.

Don’t let yourself off the hook.

Consider How Much It Could Save You

Dating is a costly hobby.

According to a Lending Tree study, Americans spent an average of $77 on first dates in 2019.

In my program, I teach my clients not to spend over $10 on a first date and no money at all on the second.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Saves money
  • Frees up time to spend dating other women
  • Helps avoid burnout
  • Enables you to date various women without breaking the bank
  • Helps avoid spending big money on a stranger

Based on my research, this is the most effective way to weed out women who are in it for the wrong reasons and it can help women to perceive you as high value.

Another financial consideration is how much you’ve already spent on choosing the wrong partners.

I have clients who have been divorced and have had to pay out the nose for it.

Choosing the wrong partner can cost you everything.

Attracting a woman who takes more than she gives is another issue I see a lot and if you’re a people pleaser.

Mr. Nice Guy, it’s mission-critical that you learn how to receive as much as you give or you’ll be setting yourself up to be taken advantage of financially and emotionally.

How Many Lives Have They Changed?

How much should a dating coach cost should depend on how many peoples’ lives they’ve improved.

You should be looking for testimonials, case studies, and a paper trail of reviews.

There are a lot of coaches out there that promise you the moon but don’t even have a website, let alone a Google My Business or Yelp page.

This is a huge red flag.

Unless they’re upfront about being new to the industry, anyone promising you something that sounds too good to be true and who doesn’t have legit reviews and testimonials to back it up, shouldn’t be getting your hard-earned money.

If they don’t have a website or reviews, you should not be paying them more than $100/hour. In my opinion, paying for hourly sessions won’t get you anywhere. 

To make meaningful change you must be all in.

To make meaningful change you must burn the boats. 

Burning the boats means not allowing yourself to fail.

It means giving yourself one viable path, a path that leads towards your goal.

When Alexander The Great burned his boats after landing in Persia he told his men “We will either return home in Persian ships or we will die here.

Signing up for one-hour classes means you can always hop on your boat and sail back home whenever you want to.

Burning the boats and not giving yourself the option to fail means signing up for a comprehensive course — that if studied diligently — will give you the skills you need to succeed.

How Did They Get Into The Business?

A dating coach must be passionate about YOU.

They have to have the motivation to truly help YOU.

Ask them to tell you about their most difficult client and how they handled them.

Ask them about clients who have failed in their program.

If they tell you that no one fails, then they haven’t worked with enough people to justify enrolling.

You want to know how they will support you if their system isn’t working for you. That’s important. If they can’t explain what they do when someone is struggling, don’t pay them over $100.

Transformational Programs Cost What They’re Worth

That means paying 4 figures for a program.

If a coach is charging 4 and 5-figures for dating coaching, they should be well-established with a website, reviews pages (Yelp and Google, etc.), have a solid social media presence, and be able to put you in touch with past clients.

Another boon these coaches should offer is lifetime access.

Yet sadly most don’t.

This is where emlovz answers the call.

My program isn’t the cheapest but I do believe it is the best if you’re a hard-working, successful man who is ready to find their forever person.

In my dating coaching program for men, you have:

  • Access to me for life in my weekly coaching calls and private community
  • Lifetime access to my extensive online curriculum 
  • Access to me, a coach who has been in business for 10 years

I’m an established coach with a lifetime program that is available to you whenever you may need it. I have a long and ever-growing list of clients you can talk to should you have questions about the program.

In my program, I give you the foundation you need to succeed in your dating life.

I offer full support for life so you’ve got an expert in your corner for as long as you need.

And, if you get into a relationship and don’t need me for a while, I’ll be right here when you do.

Ready To Transform Your Love Life With Transformational Coaching?

I hope this article helped you answer your question of “how much should a dating coach cost?”

A solid coach with a great program will cost you over 4 figures. Stay away from coaches who offer single sessions — those are hardly transformational.

Interested in learning more about how my dating coaching program works? If so, sign up for a new client session today.

During your new client session, we’ll discuss your dating history, talk through your current goals, and see if we’re a fit to work together.

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