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How Many Likes Do You Get On Dating App Cove? Should I Upgrade My Account?

how many likes on dating app cove

Every dating app has its niche.

Tinder is a hookup app, Bumble empowers feminists, and Jdate is for Jewish men and women looking to make their parents proud, l’chaim! Cove is no different in its attempt to find its own unique space in an already over-saturated digital dating scene.

Unlike the sexless Match.com, Cove lives up to its billing as a fun and effective long-term relationship app. Disclaimer: if you’re looking for a hookup app, swipe left now. But, if you’re looking for an app that puts users through a gauntlet of compatibility tests designed to generate chemistry and screen users before meeting, you’ll want to swipe right.

While Cove does its best to differentiate itself from other dating apps, the swiping aspect remains similar to more established apps. Being that there are more and more potential suitors swimming about in the Cove these days, users will want to know how many likes on the dating app Cove they have to their name before their love mana runs dry.

The type of membership, as well as your genitalia, determine how many likes you awarded monthly. Let’s break the like pyramid down, figure out if upgrading is right for you, and learn more about the new dating app that’s bringing transparency back to the dating scene.

The Cove Process

Before getting into how many likes on dating app Cove you receive monthly, let’s first unpack the liking process.

Once your six photos have been uploaded and preferences set, it’s time to start liking. Cove’s selection process is almost identical to Tinder and Bumble in that they both use swiping technology to say yeh or nay to fellow users. But what happens next is something you’ll only find in the Cove.

Instead of freaking out or consulting the Internet on how to pen a witty first message, matches instead play a quick series of compatibility games. That’s right. No need to fret about not coming off cool, multiple choice ice-breaking games are here to the rescue. Compatibility games are played at the beginning of each level -wait, there are levels?

The level structure is as follows:

  1. Compatibility Games
  2. Text Messages (3 messages must be exchanged before the next level is unlocked)
  3. Voice Message
  4. Video Message
  5. Exchange Numbers OR Compatibility Games (The latter is basically a polite rejection)

Cove’s process might not seem as lengthy as you’d think. How often do you find yourself talking in circles with matches, though never navigating the conversation towards meeting up IRL? Despite being levels involved, Cove gives you an exit plan. And while the compatibility process may take a while, it’s designed to provide transparency and save you from going on a first date with someone completely different from what their profile suggests.

Best Compatibility Feature: Video Messaging

I won’t pick apart each level of the Cove dating process, but I will spend time reviewing one level. Cove has addressed the issue with transparency and chemistry building in dating apps.

So often users match with someone who has no bio-write up to help inform potential suitors as to their character. Cove takes on the issue by making it mandatory that users create video messages. Sure it’s unusual but it’ll also give you an idea of what that person sounds like, looks like, moves like, and thinks like.

The standard dating profile gives users the chance to present at best an amorphous outline of who they are. With a video message they’re able to more accurately capture and convey who they are. This feature will save so many users from going on atrocious dates.

If you’ve arrived at this video portion stage and are nervous about coming across suave, here are a few suggestions.

  • Write down and revise what you plan to say.
  • Take multiple practice videos.
  • Record yourself doing something active and fun.

Now that you know what a match entails, you might not be so bummed about not being able to swipe until your thumb is calloused.

Free: 200 Likes Per Month

If you were to sign up today, without paying a cent for Cove, this is how many likes you’d be awarded on a monthly basis. It sounds a bit meager doesn’t it? I mean, Tinder gives free users 120 likes per 12 hours and Bumble grants free members unlimited likes. But think about it for a second.

When’s the last time you actually used 120 likes in the span of 12 hours? If you did, you were probably blindly swiping right, only to find out that every match you received was a profound disappointment. Having a copious amount of likes under your thumb sounds awesome, but in reality you hardly ever use them.

By only receiving 200 likes a month, Cove is demanding that its users give some thought into swiping yes or no. Ultimately while this will result in fewer likes, it also means that every match you do receive is a meaningful one with infinitely more potential than a blind Tinder swipe.

Here’s something to boost your mood. While swipe-happy dudes receive 200 swipes a month, women are allotted 400. Clearly, the app has noticed the gender disparity on dating apps and is trying to bridge the gap by appealing to women.

If you somehow manage to run out of likes, Cove gives you the option of purchasing 50 additional likes for $1.99. If you still need more than 250 likes a month, there’s only one thing you can do.

Cove Plus Members: 400 Likes Per Month

Watch out ladies, the swipe finger is strong within this one.

200 just isn’t enough for everyone. It’s obvious that the easiest way to get more matches is to purchase more likes. So how much will 400 likes a month run you? It turns out that compared to other dating apps, not very much.

Tinder’s most basic paid plan asks users to pay $10 a month unless they’re over 30 in which case that number gets bumped up to $20. Plenty Of Fish asks for about $12 a month, while Match.com asks for $31.99 for a one-month membership.

Across the board, Cove comes out more cost-effective than the competition when basic paid memberships are compared. For just $7.99 a month you receive 400 likes. This, however, isn’t the only boon of Cove Plus. Those willing to hang over a few bucks a month are also conferred with the superhuman power of being able to see people that have already liked you.

When you have the ability to use your Cove Plus vision to learn who is already interested in you there becomes less of a need for 400 likes. If there is already a cache of 40 women that like you, it’s likely that you’ll be compatible and date at least a few of them IRL. This of course is the goal of using dating apps. “Dating” application is almost a misnomer. Introductory applications or romance gateway apps -while not catchy- better summarize the purpose of apps like Cove.

Does 400 likes a month and the superpower of being able to see your crushes still not sate your romantic urges?

Cove SELECT Members: 500 Likes Per Month

Here’s the thing. You probably won’t be swiping right 500 times a month. But let’s just say that by some unfortunate miracle you were able to dish out 500 likes every month. An extra 100 likes isn’t the reason people sign up for Cove SELECT. A bonus of 100 more likes also doesn’t justify the $99/month price tag for Cove SELECT. So what does?

Cove SELECT Advantages

  1. Black Card Privileges: VIP Treatment and Discounts In Your City
  2. Exclusive Access to Interact With Other Cove Select Members
  3. 500 Likes A Month
  4. “See Who Likes You” Feature
  5. Control of Age and Distance Settings

As you can see, there’s a reason why Cove SELECT is in all caps. Whether the membership justifies the price tag is up to you.

How Many Likes On Dating App Cove?

As we’ve seen, the number of likes you receive is up to you. Seeing as we just unpacked quite a bit about an app that only hit the market last year, you might be in need of a refresher. Here’s the breakdown.

  • Free: 200 likes ($1.99 to purchase 50 more likes)
  • Cove Plus: 400 likes ($7.99)
  • Cove SELECT: 500 likes ($99)

Preferred Matches

A preferred match is like Tinder’s super like. While a super like will indicate to the female user that you SUPER like her only once your profile shows up, a Cove preferred like guarantees a match. No, it doesn’t’ brainwash female users into thinking you’re more handsome, smarter, and wealthier than your profile suggests. What it does do is refund your purchase of preferred likes if you don’t receive a match resulting from the sending of a preferred like within 72 hours, hence the guarantee.

Preferred Like Breakdown

  • $11.99 for 3 Preferred Likes
  • $17.99 for 5 Preferred Likes
  • $29.99 for 10 Preferred Likes

Should I Upgrade My Account?

The answer is predicated on how generous you are with your likes? Surely you’ve used online dating applications before. How often is it that you exceed 200 likes a month? How often you use online dating applications, style of swiping, and ability to find compatible matches all determine whether or not upgrading your account is right for you.

Also take into account that Cove doesn’t allow you to change your distance preference via the free membership. Should you settle with the free membership you’ll be swiping right on women that are as far as 500 miles away. This is the biggest downside of the application. Being as the app is still new, it’s user database isn’t bursting at the seams. This could be why you’re not allowed to change the distance preference in the most basic membership. If you’re traveling quite a bit and looking for someone to spend time with, you’ll almost have to sign up for a paid membership. As the app adds more members it’ll allow free and paying users to have more control of their distance preference.

A Note On Points

All the most popular dating applications are made to feel like games. Tinder and Bumble are card games, Happn is a game of missed connections, and Tin Dog only allows you to pick your partner based on their dog preferences. While these games make online dating more enjoyable, there are few that use games to gauge compatibility and win you points. We’ve touched on the compatibility games that are played at the beginning of each level after a match has been made. But, we still need to talk about the winnings you receive from using Cove.

While I’m unsure as to what actions merit the most amount of points, points are awarded simply by using the application. Once enough points are accumulated they can be used as credits towards Starbucks, Uber, or charitable causes. 7,500 points get you $5 credit while amassing 20,000 points scores you $15 credit.

This is the only dating application that gives you points for swiping right and striking up conversations. Who knows how long the point system will be around for. The app is new and changing rapidly. That being said you might want to take advantage of the feature while you still can. The little added incentive for some free coffee might just be enough for her to message you back if she’s on the fence. Who would have thought that a few points towards a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte would be the reason why you scored a date?

How Many Likes On Dating App Cove: Conclusion

Less than a year after hitting the market and Cove has already shown itself to be a truly singular dating app. So what if you aren’t offered as many swipes as Tinder and Bumble. Cove’s system guarantees that you’ll get more quality matches and more phone numbers than other dating apps.

The quantity of likes doesn’t matter as much as how you interact with matches once those likes have been used effectively. Cove isn’t a numbers game, it’s a quality game. Be willing to go through the in-depth guided dating experience and you’ll be rewarded. If you’re discouraged by the lack of matches, paying for more likes might not be the solution. The app is young. With time more users will sign up and start swiping in your direction. Patience my young swiper.