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she doesn't want a boyfriend right now

You’ve trolled local bars, joined some cool meetups, swiped right tons of times on Tinder, and finally — after all that effort — you’ve met a woman who’s girlfriend-worthy. Not only that, but you guys hit it off and start dating. Things are pretty much awesome.

But then, things take a weird turn. Suddenly, the texts start to dwindle, she seems less and less excited to see you, and when you ask her about Keep Reading

hinge comments

Hinge is the young person’s answer to Match.com. With possibly the wittiest motto of all dating applications Hinge is “designed to be deleted.” This relatively nascent application prides itself on its ability to creating meaningful relationships. It does this by linking profiles with Facebook in order to showcase only users that are friends with your Facebook friends.

We already know that 39% of happily married couples met their significant other through friends. Hinge takes this … Keep Reading

is she lying to you

Lies are so shifty that they can sometimes feel like an ethical slip. When your lips started to form that sentence you didn’t anticipate telling a lie, but just before the truth was about to make an appearance it threw on a cape and glasses and started parading around as the truth. A lie always finds a way to escape from our egos and snake its way out into the open.

A lie is an … Keep Reading

are we dating

Just a couple decades ago it seemed as though there was a limited number of ways that a romantic relationship could be defined. Either two people were dating, they weren’t, or they were a couple. But since then romantic relationships have evolved. In the process of this romantic liberation things got a bit messy. Nowadays two people having a good time with each other don’t feel as obligated to define their dynamic. If they do … Keep Reading

wellness programs

In 1943 an intellectual bomb in the form of Maslow’s seminal paper, “A Theory of Human Motivation” exploded on the psychology community. Within the paper, Maslow unpacks a hierarchy of needs that all humans need to quench in order to discover a heightened sense of wellbeing. To be a happy, contributing member of society, each level of the pyramid must be fulfilled. However, Maslow posited that if one segment of the pyramid isn’t … Keep Reading

dating after 50 for men

Look I’ll be straight with you; this is going to get weird. Chances are you haven’t gone on a first date in possibly decades. As you can imagine the dating scene has changed a little since you hung up your Friday night polo and tucked your all-denim outfit in the back of the closet. Technology has morphed the way we date, but even if dating applications were taken out of the equation, dating in your … Keep Reading

signs she's not into you

Her dislike of the conversation, the fact that you wore a tie to a date, or your coffee breath will never be explicit. And most likely, you don’t want it to be. As much as we think we’re tough, humans often feel their egos cripple at the sound of the unflattering truth. Knowing this, we often keep our criticisms to ourselves.

Your date will never give you a verbal sign that she’s not into you … Keep Reading

what do girls like in guys

Coming up with an online dating profile isn’t easy. And, let’s be honest — approaching women in person isn’t easy, either. Obviously, you want to put your best foot forward and show her your best qualities. But that raises the ultimate question: What do girls like in guys? No doubt, it can be a tough nut to crack.

Before we get into it, though, I want to warn you — nothing turns a woman off … Keep Reading