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how to start a conversation on tinder

Wondering how to start a conversation on Tinder? While it used to be the “hookup app” that nobody really took seriously, Tinder is now a huge part of how we meet people. But how do you start a conversation on Tinder with a woman who literally gets 100 messages a day or more?

First, let’s go back to how things were IRL for a second. If you wanted to get to know an attractive woman Keep Reading

what to do when a girl just wants to be friends

You were shooting for the end zone but wound up in the friend zone. Now you’re in a position of wondering what to do when a girl just wants to be friends.

We’ve all watched our fare share of friend zone movies. Typically the once friend zoned person winds up with the girl. That being said, we live in a world where the magic of Hollywood rarely makes it out of the confines of the … Keep Reading

how to date in san francisco

Believe me, I hear it all the time: “It’s too hard to date in San Francisco” or “Why is it so hard to date in San Francisco?” 

But as a dating coach based in San Francisco with many clients in the area, I’m here to tell you: No it’s not.

In fact, I’m going to show you how to improve your chances of not only scoring high quality, amazing dates, but how to find the Keep Reading

I broke up with my girlfriend and I miss her

It seems paradoxical doesn’t it? You break up with her, but now you’re considering an exorcism just to get her out of your mind. Surely this wasn’t the intended outcome, but here you are.

There’s nothing wrong with your internal systems. It makes sense that you miss your girlfriend that was woven so gradually into your life but has now been abruptly cut out. Even though you severed the tie, you’re still allowed to miss … Keep Reading

i need a girlfriend right now

Let’s be honest: Casual dating definitely has its perks. But at one point or another, you might find yourself thinking that you need a girlfriend.

But wanting a girlfriend and needing one are two different things. If you’re literally thinking, “I need a girlfriend right now,” what’s your rush? After all, that could have been the problem with your last relationship. Did you rush into that one as well?

No matter what your reason for Keep Reading

no physical contact on the second date


It’s the first sense a baby acquires. Even before they can scream they’re already palpating the womb in search of information. Touch is the magic that waitresses conjure to coerce a few more dollars out of your pocket and the same tool that co-workers use to convince you to agree with their terrible ideas.

Before there was sight, hearing, smell, and taste, there was touch. Humans have been deploying this most ancient of senses … Keep Reading

ending a long term relationship

There is no duration of time that defines a long-term relationship. Rather, you know it when you see it. Such a term has unfolded when couples live together, co-parent felines, and plan out their future together. Long-term relationships are also defined by their routines. This is good or bad, depending on the routines.

Ending a long term relationship is so difficult because to do so is to uproot your entire life. You’ve been adhering to … Keep Reading

not having sex anymore

In 2018, just 23% of adult Americans had sex.

Yet this stat can be misguiding. Of course older people tend to have less sex and still make up a substantial amount of the population. 50% of Americans 65 or older reported having zero sex last year. But even when the dearth of elderly erections are accounted for this stat still has a story to tell.

Elderly folk abstaining from sex isn’t a storyline worthy of … Keep Reading