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First Date Tips for Men

As an experienced dating coach, I’ve strategized with men from all over the world on how to structure a successful first date. First dates might seem nerve-wracking, but they can be simplified if you follow some basic rules. During my 100-date experiment, I took notes on exactly what I thought men were doing right and wrong on my first date with them. From those notes, I’ve compiled what I think to be the … Keep Reading

dating a woman with adhd

Are you dating a woman with ADHD? If the answer is yes, I’m guessing that this is something she has revealed to you and not just an assumption. If she has already told you she has ADHD  GREAT!

Adult ADHD can often go unnoticed in women, causing the undiagnosed person much frustration in everyday life. Her knowledge of the disorder means that she has likely gotten some treatment (which can include a combination of … Keep Reading

How to Change Your Mindset While On a Date With a Woman

Do you get nervous while on a date with a girl? Is the dating world something that inspires stress instead of curiosity? It’s time to change your mindset.

Hi guys, Emyli here — your dating coach for men. Before my 100-date experiment, I didn’t realize how much fun could truly be had when you’re out in the dating world, looking for a long-term partner. I learned how to change my mindset and ditch the Keep Reading

how to not be clingy

If you’re looking for advice on how to not be clingy with a girl you like, you’ve come to the right place.

There are a variety of factors that can lead to clinginess and codependency while dating or in a relationship. And when you’re first dating, the uncertainty of where this particular romantic road will lead can be anxiety-inducing.

It’s natural to want to talk to someone frequently and spend oodles of noodles of time … Keep Reading

avoiding dating violence

Dating is supposed to be fun: you go out, you meet new and interesting people, and you make fulfilling new connections. If you ask your friends about dating, they tell you to go out, “be yourself” and “just have fun.” While inarguably this is often true, it is just as true that a lot of the time dating can be infuriating.

You think you look pretty good, and you see other guys who, at least, … Keep Reading

will i be single forever

Will I be single forever?

That’s a question that plagues many the single person (if not EVERY single person) at some point, or even several points, throughout their dating trajectory. I’d like to offer you a resounding “NO” in response to this question. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can come into play if you’re feeling hopelessly single. And if you don’t address certain things that are hampering your dating goals, then I can’t guarantee … Keep Reading

facebook dating service

While you were reading up on the latest news regarding the data privacy scandals dogging Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the social media behemoth has been busy creating a prototype for a new Facebook dating product/service.

Um, ok…

Honestly, the first thought I had when hearing the news about a Facebook dating service was, “Um, is that what you need to be focused on right now, Mark?”

BUT, I’m not here to judge anyone Keep Reading