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cushioning dating trend

Another week, another cringe-worthy dating trend. Have you heard of cushioning? Apparently, it’s a term that was coined over a year ago, but I and Hayley Hynes from Narcity just learned about it so I’m using the opportunity to give you some insight on this trend that you should avoid at all costs.

(Plus, it was a relatively slow news week dating trend-wise, and I’m assuming you don’t want to hear me gush about the … Keep Reading

new dating trend orbiting

Have you heard of orbiting? It’s a weird AF new dating trend that could actually make you long for the days when you got ghosted.

Hey guys — Tracy here, and I. Just. Can’t.

I just can’t with these ugh-worthy dating trends, and I’ll bet you’re fed up with them too. Luckily, my thirst for knowledge and reliable internet connection have provided me with some major deets on this new trend and how you … Keep Reading

facebook dating service

While you were reading up on the latest news regarding the data privacy scandals dogging Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the social media behemoth has been busy creating a prototype for a new Facebook dating product/service.

Um, ok…

Honestly, the first thought I had when hearing the news about a Facebook dating service was, “Um, is that what you need to be focused on right now, Mark?”

BUT, I’m not here to judge anyone Keep Reading

kanye west dating website

Oh, Yeezus! There is now a Kanye West dating site and it may be the best thing that none of us asked for. Yeezy Dating is a new website created by 22-year-old Harry Dry to help Kanye fans find true love — love that Kanye West has for Kanye West.

It started out as a crowdfunding project and — although Dry was unable to meet his funding goal — the site is officially live and Keep Reading


Have you heard of serendipidating? It’s the latest dating trend you never asked for and you should avoid it at all costs.

So what exactly is serendipidating, other than a word with way too many syllables?

(Seriously, try saying that word three times fast. On second thought, don’t…)

Derived from the word serendipity (which is defined as a development of events by luck or chance), serendipidating has been described as “putting off a date in Keep Reading

Secrets of mega-dating and why you should be doing it

Are you in search of the best dating strategy to help you find your next serious relationship? Have you heard of the concept of “MegaDating”? 

People always ask me “what dating approach should I take to find the perfect partner?” My answer is always: MegaDating. During my 100 date experiment, I used this dating strategy to find a very compatible long term partner. Guess what, you can to. 

What is MegaDating?

MegaDating is the Keep Reading