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Coaching Services

We offer 3 month private & group coaching programs for hard working singles who want to improve their dating skills and eventually find a long term relationship. Work with me (and my team) in weekly Zoom coaching sessions, and a tried and tested curriculum — to help you overcome your obstacles and get results, fast.

The goal of our coaching programs is to get you MegaDating fast! MegaDating is the emlovz approach to keep you from settling for mediocre love. Maintain leverage, increase confidence, and diffuse your energy by dating multiple people at the same time. MegaDating is your first step toward getting dates with people you’re really excited about.

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Matchmaking Services

We offer full-service date concierge style matchmaking services for singles who are ready to meet and date their most compatible partners right away.

Our date concierge services include a personal matchmaker, a 50 minute onboarding session, 100% pre-vetted and interviewed matches, pre and post date coaching, a date booklet, and Slack/email support.

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Join Our Free Database

Not ready for your own coach or matchmaker? Just want to be considered as a match for our members? Join our database — it’s free, confidential, & only takes a few minutes.

Is This You?​

Are you struggling to get results from online dating sites & apps? Not sure if you’re choosing the right people to date? Don’t have anyone to choose from at all? Does it feel like dating is turning into a full time job?

Are you confused on how to find someone you’re really interested in? Maybe you’re starting to think you can’t attract someone special because of your background?

Maybe you just don’t have enough time to mine for dates by yourself? Or perhaps you’re tired of the dating scene and simply ready to find a life partner, husband, or wife once and for all.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you deserve the perfect partner and we’re dedicated to helping you reach that goal. Get started by booking a New Client Zoom Session so we can learn more about you today.

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Our Latest Reviews

Hi Emyli, so I am flying back from a 4 day date in Arizona. I’d say at this point I’m off the market! I will 1000% say that I would not have had the confidence to pursue this woman had I not gone through the process of dating/engaging with 20 dates. This exercise allowed me to see how I interacted with others, see how I felt, and by my 2nd/3rd date with the woman I’m with now, just kinda laid out who I was and what I could/couldn’t do.


In a relationship

I reached out to emlovz after my divorce was final and I was ready to get back into the dating world. With the program I was able to date about 15 different women within 6 to 8 week timeframe. At the end of the program I had 2 women I was very excited about — but I ended up falling in love with this marvelous woman named Monica and I’m super happy right now, even at the beginning of the relationship. I’m giving emlovz an unequivocal recommendation. It was worth every penny to me.



Emyli and her team provide a service that most professionals will find affordable and definitely worth the effort. If you’re an engineer, or doctor or lawyer, then emlovz’ matchmaking service is well worth the expense because your time is precious. No one with a serious job wants to work 50-60 hours and then go look at dating sites for another couple of hours… much more economical to pay someone else to do your recruiting, to your specifications, do the preliminary interviews.



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