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The Best Tacoma Dating Coach + The Top 5 Date Ideas

The Best Tacoma Dating Coach + The Top 5 Date Ideas

The Best Tacoma Dating Coach + The Top 5 Date Ideas

Most will struggle to identify where Tacoma is.

When they’re told near Seattle they probably then think it’s a raging sausage fest.

Seattle is after all one of the most male-leaning cities in the US.

But Seattle’s little sister Tacoma despite being its neighbor has a vastly different milieu.

It’s not nearly the tech hub that Seattle is made out to be. But even more importantly, it’s not as male-dominant as Seattle.

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As you can see, men far outnumber women if you’re under 29. But that all changes the second you turn 30. The dating field evens out after 30 and even starts to lean heavily female.

If you’re a single guy in Tacoma you don’t have it as bad as some may make it out to be. In this city of more than 200,000, you have plenty of options to choose from.

But knowing there are fish in the sea and being able to fish are two different things.

That’s where your Tacoma dating coach comes into play.

But what can a dating coach really do for you?

Tacoma Washington Dating Coach

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

No idea who said it but surely the men of Puget Sound could appreciate this age-old maxim. 

Learning the ins and outs of the dating world will vastly change your dating experience in Tacoma.

No longer will you have to rely on lady luck to throw a woman in your path. Rather you’ll be able to get out there and find one on your own. 

emlovz can show you how.


Dating a new woman every week is every man’s dream. It’s also the best way to meet a compatible partner.

A recent study found that men need to go on eight dates, three blind dates, and meet three people online before they find “the one.”

Below are the stats the study expects you to have before meeting “the one.”

tacoma dating coach

Be honest with yourself.

Do you have similar stats?

Most men struggle to enter into meaningful relationships because they aren’t proactive daters.

They wait and wait for something to happen to them.

That’s not how you get what — or rather who — you want.

At emlovz we teach men how to be proactive daters.

We’re proponents of the dating practice, MegaDating.

MegaDating is all about dating multiple women simultaneously as a shortcut to finding your ideal partner. Too many men try one or two flavors before shacking up. We’re of the mind that the greater romantic sample size you have the better your odds are at finding a high-quality partner.

In our program, Dating Decoded, we teach men how to maximize their chances of meeting the one by MegaDating. But how in the world are you expected to date new women every week?

We have a plan for that.

Becoming A Hot Commodity

Let’s be honest.

If you’re serious about finding a high-quality partner you need to get your swipe on.

39% of all relationships that started in 2017 did so online. That number has only gone up since then.

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That’s why we teach men how to get their mack on, online.

But standing out amongst a backdrop of thousands of other men can be difficult, especially when women are so far outnumbered on popular dating apps like Bumble and Tinder.

That’s why the first portion of our program focuses on revamping your dating profile. We’ll teach you what you need to do to create a profile that ranks within the top 10%. At the very least you’ll need a profile that performs this well to attract the caliber of woman you want to appeal to.

We’ve given hundreds of men online makeovers.

We know which photos you need to post, how to take appealing photos, which apps to use, and what to write on your profile to stand out.

But we’re not all about dating apps.

We realize that to wholly depend on dating apps could close you off from the rest of the world. No more meeting women IRL, at parties, at work, or spontaneously in person.

Once you complete your ideal GF profile (the very first step of our program) we’ll help you figure out where your ideal woman spends her time. Then we’ll put you on a crash course with your ideal partner. We’ll also show you how to approach women IRL and chat them up regardless of the context.


As your new Tacoma dating coach, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that simply creating a bomb dating profile isn’t the end all be all.

An amazing profile will help you score matches, but it won’t necessarily help you score dates. That is ultimately what you’re after.

Too many men are content with stacking matches. They get a match, feel good about themselves, then never message the woman or do so in the worst way possible.

Here’s how most men message women online.

tacoma dating coach

This is how most men message and how most men fail.

Women don’t respond to hey messages because that’s all they receive. To stand out you need to make an effort.

What does an effort look like.

Not much really.

Just read her profile and ask her a question about it or point out a commonality you two have. This will do for an opening message. After that things get a bit trickier. But in short, you’ll want to revolve the brief conversation around a commonality. Get her talking about something she’s into and she’ll never stop. But eventually, you’ll want her to… kind of.

You see, dating app is a misnomer.

They’re not actually for dating. They’re for being introduced to someone before quickly pivoting into the real world.

In our coaching program Dating Decoded we’ll show you how to expertly steer the conversation towards asking her out. When you’re finally ready to pop the question you have to use a TDL.

TDL stands for time, date, and location.

Too many guys ask women on nebulous, nothing dates.

Example: Hey Stacey, want to go out sometime?

If she says yes, you still need to schedule a date. She hasn’t in essence accepted to do anything.

So ask her out on a concrete date.

Ask her to do something she wants to do and at a location close to her home or place of work.

Here’s an example… “Stacey! Let’s go bowling this Friday at 8 at Jimbo’s. You down to knock some down?”

The key is asking her to do something she’s into.

Asking her to hit up Starbucks is lame. Make it fun, ideally novel, and of course something she is into doing.

Dating Blueprint

Let’s imagine you’ve enrolled in Dating Decoded.

You’re now learning how to revamp your profile, meet women IRL and online, and are now scoring dates left and right.

How should you go about dating all these women?

We teach a dating blueprint designed to go on fun, quick, and easy dates without breaking the bank.

The first three dates are the most crucial, so that’s what we focus on.

First dates should be less than $20 and briefer than an hour. If you’re dating two or three women a week you don’t have time to spend more than an hour or more than $20 on every date. So keep things short and sweet.

Second dates should be 100% free and active. This will deter gold diggers and women that only agreed to date you for the free meal.

If she makes it all the way to a third date it’s time to splash the cash and show her how you really feel about her. That means taking her to a swanky place, going dancing after, and really showing her how awesome she is.

But where will you go on all these dates?

Best Tacoma First Date Spots

Being that the first date is the most important let’s focus on this one. Here are the best Tacoma first date spots recommended by your new Tacoma dating coach.

Throwing Mud Pottery

Coffee dates are so lame. Instead, why not make pottery together? It’s just the kind of off-beat date Tacoma women will love. And the best part is even if the date is lame you can still enjoy making pottery.

Rock Climbing!

Who said danger wasn’t good for a relationship? This is the perfect adreneline-pumping first date idea. You just need to decide if you want to climb in or outside.

Helen’s Donuts and Ice Cream

This is a Tacoma spin on the coffee date. Instead of ordering it black why not order some mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone? Wow, definitely sounds better than the other.

Tacoma Art Walk

Take in some of the local art when you walk around Tacoma.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month you can get your art on by enjoying various free museums.

Bonsai Museum

I guarantee she’s never been to the Bonsai Museum. Imagine a free museum replete with bonsai trees. First dates don’t get much more chill than this one. Follow it up by watching the sunset and sharing a craft beer or two.

Get Your Date On

Hands down, emlovz is the best dating coach in Tacoma.

But I can understand if you’re not sold yet.

Perhaps you’d like current and former students to wax poetic about us. Well, here you go. Our students are satisfied with their results because more often than not their results are a meaningful relationship with the woman they’ve been searching for.

We’d love to take the next step with you. But to do that let’s first book a 1-on-1 Zoom call. On this call, we’ll talk about your dating history and see how our program, Dating Decoded can help you achieve your romantic goals.

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