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2 Best Minneapolis Dating Coaches (& Matchmakers)

2 Best Minneapolis Dating Coaches (& Matchmakers)

Sometimes it feels like trying to find love in Minneapolis is akin to trying to light damp firewood.

Sure Minneapolis has a near-identical gender ratio in theory making it easy for men to find compatible women.

But if we look closer we see the weather, employment of single women, and the overall vibe in Minneapolis as impediments to finding that special someone.

With all these obstacles it’s no surprise you’re in the market for a Minneapolis dating coach, one that can heat up your love life even when it’s been below freezing for weeks.

minneapolis dating coach

Your New Minneapolis Dating Coach

Finding a dating coach isn’t like swiping through the thousands of profiles on Bumble.

You don’t have a myriad of options to choose from. But there’s another difference, a much more important one I’d like to highlight.

A dating coach isn’t someone you meet up with for an hour and if things don’t work out you just ghost them for eternity. Rather a dating coach, is a teammate, one you’ll link up with for months as you two embark on a journey that ideally ends with you paired up with a woman you’re super excited about.

But before making the decision that may determine your romantic success, there are some factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

They are:

  • Philosophy
  • Reviews
  • Teach Methodology

Anyone can say they’re a dating coach.

There is no certification, class you need to take, or degree a coach needs to nail to their office that makes them legit.

It’s on you to examine the aforementioned aspects to make sure 1) the coach has each of them and 2) they align with your values and romantic goals.

It’s with that in mind that we’ll take a look at the best Minneapolis dating coaches.


That’s right, it’s us.

emlovz has been showing men how to find, court, and date their ideal partner for over a decade.

We’ve been refining our program for years in order to give men the skills they need to court women in this modern dating scene.

To do that we base on our program on our philosophy of MegaDating.


MegaDating is the practice of dating multiple women simultaneously.

MegaDating has a host of benefits including:

  • Imbuing men with confidence
  • Helps avoid men from settling
  • Exposes men to a variety of personalities
  • Helps students get over rejection and reject women that aren’t compatible
  • It’s just really freakin’ fun

We’re of the mind that the more women you date the better your odds are of finding a highly compatible partner.

Knowing this we give you the skills to meet a myriad of women.

Meeting so many women that you have to turn down dates sounds great and everything, but how exactly will you get to that point?

Teaching Methodology

Our program can be broken down into four pillars:

  • MegaDating
  • Profile Creation & In Person Social Strategies
  • MegaMessaging
  • Dating Blueprint

We’re all for dating around in order to boost confidence and find a super compatible partner, but how exactly do you do that?

Online dating is the go-to way to meet women nowadays.

A 2017 Stanford study found that 39% of all heterosexual relationships started in 2017 began online.

Online dating isn’t just the future it’s the present. To harness the awesomeness and ease of use we teach men how to create high-quality online profiles that are guaranteed to receive a swipe right.

The profiles our students create typically rank within the top 10 percentile of profiles in their area.

This is because we know how to choose the right combination of photos and written responses to get you a swipe right.

But racking up matches on the likes of Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble is one tiny aspect of our program.

What are you to do when after nabbing a match?


Just because you have a match doesn’t mean you’ll score a date. Hell, it doesn’t even mean she’ll message back.

Online dating is a fast-paced and fickle game. Women receive dozens of matches a day and are easily distracted. In order to compete in this lop-sided environment, you need to learn how to walk the tightrope that is online messaging.

We’ll teach you the ins and outs of online correspondence.

After a few short weeks, you’ll start to grasp how to have a conversation with a stranger. You’ll learn which messages get responses, how to spark a connection, and most importantly, how to ask her out online.

Remember that dating apps are just that, apps meant to facilitate dates.

To do so, you need to ultimately ask her out. To do this we recommend using a TDL (time, date, location). It’s these three ingredients that you must include when asking her out.

best way to ask a girl out

If not you’re not really asking her out.

A TDL looks something like…

Hey Jen, want to go on a date with me this Thursday to Bowlmor at 8 p.m.?

It’s a concrete date request that she can accept, reject, or amend.

Date Blueprint

Let’s imagine that your TDL worked.

She agreed to date, awesome. But what kind of dates should you be going on.

That all depends.

In our program, we break down the first three dates.

First dates should last no longer than an hour and no more than $20 should be spent.

This is because by and large first dates are with strangers. Why break the bank or agree to spend an entire Saturday afternoon with a stranger? Plus, if you’re MegaDating you don’t have a ton of time to spend time or money on women you don’t know. Make sure your TDL pitch includes a kick-ass date idea or activity that she can’t help but say no to. As a stranger, you’ll have to work extra hard to convince her to go out with you. Make it worth her while by pitching an amazing date.

Second dates should be active. I’m talking biking, yoga, going for a lovely stroll or even a hike. They should also be 100% free. Why free? Free dates help weed out golddiggers. If the only way she’ll go out with you is if you two hit a 5-star restaurant, that’s a sign she’s more interested in the steak than you.

Third dates are when all time and monetary restrictions have been lifted. If she’s made it to a third date it’s safe to say you have the hots for her. Show her how awesome you think she is by taking her out to a nice dinner and perhaps go dancing or to a show afterward.


People like us.

How much?

Well we have a 4.7-star review on Google, 4.5 stars on Yelp, and dozens of reviews for you to check out on our site.  minneapolis dating coach

Our four pillars are designed to find you a compatible partner as fast as possible. But we’re not the only Minneapolis dating coach.

Minneapolis Matchmaking

Not everyone has time to find their own dates.

Maybe you’re too swamped by work, with family, or just don’t want to invest in meeting new people.

If that’s the case, why not let someone else do the heavy lifting for you?

That’s where Minneapolis Matchmaking comes into play.

Here is how it works:

Step 1 – Your assigned matchmaker will spend an hour learning everything they can about you. They’ll learn about your relationship goals, and who you’re looking for, and will begin to create a roadmap to finding that special someone.

Step 2 – Using the information gleaned from the interview your matchmaker will start finding compatible women in the Minneapolis area. Minneapolis Matchmaker will show you the match and you’ll make the final decision on whether to push forward or not. Before the date you’ll be supplied with information about your date. If the woman checks off enough boxes MM will set up your date.

Step 3 – Like any good coach or matchmaker, you’ll have the chance to provide feedback. Based on this feedback the matchmaking search will be altered according to your feedback.

Best First Dates In Minneapolis

After you’ve chosen your Minneapolis dating coach, it’s time to get dating.

It all begins with a first date.

But where should you take your date?

That all depends on what her interests are (and the time of year).

Here are a few first-date ideas to get you thinking about where you’re most likely to cultivate that early spark.

Hockey Madness

You aren’t really a resident of Minnesota until you attend a hockey game. If she’s new to town, welcome her by attending a Wild match. If she’s a local, do something you know she’ll love by throwing on a jersey and screaming at the Canucks.

Go Tubing

A classic winter activity involves an inflatable tube and bounding down a hill that’s been perfectly crafted for tubing. A two-hour tubing session only costs $17.


It’s easy, nostalgic, and is a great way to get to know someone. Mini-golf and other physical activities are great for people worried about not having anything to talk about.


Want somewhere quiet, and romantic to have a sultry date with that lovely lady from Bumble? Why not check out this gangster hideout turned speakeasy?

So Who’s Your Minneapolis Dating Coach?

The best way to heat Minneapolis up is to book a 1-on-1 session with a coach from my team so we can begin helping you turn your romantic life around.

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