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The Top 2 Best Matchmakers in Austin

The Top 2 Best Matchmakers in Austin

The Top 2 Best Matchmakers in Austin

When it comes to matchmakers in Austin, there are only really two options.

In actuality, there are probably dozens of options. But if you’re looking for matchmakers that will find you the most compatible, jaw-dropping, and high-quality women, well then there are only two matchmakers to turn to.

The best matchmakers in Austin are the people that will mine your local dating scene for the best of the best. They allow you to focus on your job, family, and friends without having to worry about swiping through hundreds of online profiles for the right woman. These matchmakers will allow you to recline, put your feet up as they do the dirty work of finding you a date this Friday.

Before we introduce the two best matchmakers in Austin, and explore all the ways they would benefit you, let’s dig into the city of Austin itself.

Austin By The Numbers

In 2010, Austin’s population was a shade under 800,000. In 2019 it was estimated that Austin was home to 978,000 residents. That’s a nearly 200,000 person increase in just 10 years making Austin one of the fastest-growing big cities in the USA. With 145 people moving to the city every day on average, you’ve got to ask, who are all these people?

Most new transplants are moving to Austin from California, Florida, other cities and towns in Texas, and Asia with 36% of Asians hailing from India.

There are two types of people moving to the city.

We all know that Austin is a budding tech-hub. It’s this tech industry that has seen an increase in computer, engineering, and science jobs grow at an annual rate of 7.6% in recent years, leading to an influx of younger, affluent, men and women to fill these jobs.

Though surprisingly Austin has also welcomed in its fair share of seniors. Austin ranks as the 11th best city for seniors out of the 125 largest metro areas.

The median age is 33, well below the national median age. 38% of the city’s population is between the ages of 20-39. Of Austin residents of adult age, 58% are single making it 8% higher than the national average.

One particular bummer about the Austin dating scene -if you have a heterosexual penis- is that there are 2.8% more men than women in the area. While 2.8% results in thousands of more men than women, it’s actually a pretty minor disparity, especially when compared to other tech-minded cities like San Jose that has 17% more men than women.

WalletHub’s annual Best and Worst Cities for singles list that was published a few months back has Austin listed as the 14th best city for singles. One category in which the city ranked particularly high in was that of Fun & Recreation. Some factors that make Austin rank 9th in this category are its copious amount of attractions, restaurants per capita, parks per capita, nightlife options per capita, walkability, weather, and number of music festivals.

As for how happy male daters are overall, an Apartment List survey found that 62.1% of Austonians found the city to be a great place to date. While this number may not seem high, it ranked 5th out of the nation’s major metro areas.

Austin Weather

With all the awesome date ideas to explore in Austin, you’ll be hoping that the weather doesn’t rain on your parade. It turns out that it may not rain much in Austin, but the weather isn’t exactly spectacular. A recent Washington Post analysis found that there are just 48 “nice” days of weather in Austin per year.

How is a “nice” day of weather calculated?

  • High temperature between 65 and 85 degrees
  • Maximum dew point temperature less than or equal to 65 degrees
  • Peak daily wind (including gusts) less than 25 mph
  • Average daily cloud cover less than or equal to 65 percent
  • No measurable precipitation

Most Popular Dating Apps In Austin

According to Pew Research, half of Americans ages 18-29 and 38% of adults ages 30-49 have swiped right on a dating app. With as many as 40% of all new romantic relationships having started online, we can definitively say that online dating is a major component of the American dating scene.

The stigma attached to it during the early days of Tinder are now well and gone. If you’re going to meet someone in any major US city, you best be using dating apps. Here are the most used and beloved dating apps in Austin.


Tinder isn’t just an Austin thing, it’s a Texas thing.

The app is by far the most used dating app in Texas.

Before skip on to the next dating app, just hear me out. I know that you think only lascivious college chicks use Tinder -you’re not entirely wrong. The thing is with Tinder is that because so many people use it, those in their early 20s as well as and those in their 30s, it’s a most-download app. If you’re into casting a wide net and seeing what you catch, Tinder’s for you. If you need a definite date this Friday, again Tinder is for you.

But if you’re looking for someone to listen, understand, and share a family with you, then no, Tinder is certainly not for you.


Once a single person is ready to get serious, they graduate from Tinder to Bumble.

Bumble is billed as “feminist Tinder.” Ladies are responsible for messaging within 24 hours of scoring a match, it uses dick pick identification technology so that unsolicited dick picks are never viewed, and is even less shallow than Tinder.

Though apart from the user base and vibe, Bumble is more or less Tinder, just for feminists. It looks and feels the same, the chief difference being that Bumble ladies need a bit more coaxing and suave foreplay before they come over.


Hinge calls itself, “the dating app designed to be deleted.”

That’s because of all the dating app, Hinge is the least superficial.

The app demonstrates your personality by requiring each user to answer three in-depth prompts. It also uses a Nobel-Prize winning algorithm to help you only find women that are super compatible with you. To keep you focused on only women that you could see yourself dating, the app limits the number of women you can like to 10 per day.

Finally, The Two Best Matchmakers In Austin

Dating apps are great and all if you have the time to invest in them. Is your profile full of professional shots, is your bio written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and are you getting matches?

If not, you might want to kick back and let a matchmaker do the work for you.

Here are the two best matchmakers in Austin.


Here’s the thing about matchmaking — it’s finite. Once your contract with the matchmaker expires you’re left to your own devices. Generally speaking, matchmakers don’t teach, they merely set you up with women, making you wholly reliant on their abilities. Though this need not be the case.

With us at emlovz, you certainly have the option of enlisting our matchmaking services. That being said, we’re much more than a matchmaking company.

We realize that there’s little point in us setting you up if you don’t know how to date.

That would be like trying to ride a killer wave without first learning how to surf.

When we team up, you’ll not only get setup on a bunch of dates, but you’ll also get pre/post date coaching before and after each introduction. But we don’t stop there — we’re the only matchmaking company in the world who also offers a full service lifetime coaching program to go along with it’s matchmaking service.

In our coaching programs, my team and I will supply you with the dating know-how so that you get the most out of your dates. With us you’ll learn how to MegaDate, build an award winning dating profile, MegaMessage, and crush the dates themselves.

But hey, although we’ve been ranked as one of the best dating coaches in Austin, we also realize that you’ve got a life of your own to live. Sometimes you won’t have the time to mine for romantic prospects.

No worries, we’ve got you covered with matchmaking.

When we play matchmaker for you, your journey will begin with a 50 minute onboarding call. During this call you’ll go over your match preferences and she’ll ask you a few questions about yourself to get to know you on a deeper level.

After the call is over and you’ve enrolled, our team of recruiters to scour the web (and of course our expansive database) looking for eligible matches. All eligible matches are then interviewed via Zoom to assure it’s a fit and that they look like their pictures.

If it’s a fit, you’ll be notified and prepped for your introduction — and of course much more.

Jackie Elise

Based in Austin Texas, Jackie Untermeyer, with Jackie Elise LLC has created dozens of relationships & marriages throughout the nation.

Her optimistic, sincere, and personable approach to matchmaking — paired with an unrelenting work ethic — helps her clients reach their goals, even when they don’t think they can.

She has celebrated 3 marriages, including 2 babies 🙂

As a previous operations guru and event planner of over 10 years, she has worked with a wide variety of clients, including busy tech execs, extremely talented software developers, badass women entrepreneurs, and excited brides-to-be. She is naturally a connector in both business and her social circles and has held a passion for matchmaking since before college.

Jackie has a passion for travel and has lived in many places, including Croatia, Belgium, Mexico City, and most recently Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres. In her free time she is enjoying a meal with good company, trying to stay fit at the gym, listening to endless hours of books on Audible, spending as much time as possible outdoors (typically in a body of water), and play fighting with her 1.5-year-old quarantine foster fail, Brotato Chip.

Jackie will add a taste of adventure to your dating experiences, so you can have stories of your own to tell. Let her bring fun back into the dating scene.

Let’s Get Dating!

Now you know who the top 2 best matchmakers in Austin are, so it’s time to get dating!

If you’re interested in working with us here at emlovz, please apply for coaching or matchmaking today.

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