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The 3 Best Dating Coaches in Austin, Texas

The 3 Best Dating Coaches in Austin, Texas

The 3 Best Dating Coaches in Austin, Texas

Austin is the fastest-growing metro area (and has been) for years.

Since 2010, the Austin metro area has welcomed in more than 500,000 people.

This is great for extroverts, real estate agents, and city coffers.

But not everyone benefits equally from Austin’s recent swell.

One demographic that isn’t too stoked that Austin keeps getting weirder and weirder are single men. 

In 2017 Austin had the 10th highest ratio of men to women in the nation. That number has only increased since the influx of single techies from the Bay Area migrated during the pandemic.

So what does all this mean if you’re a single guy in Austin?

Well, it means you’re probably employed, have a decent job, and love the music scene.

But it also means your dating life probably sucks.

However, there is another boon of the recent Austin-bound migration that we’ve overlooked so far.

Along with all the tech-heads and Cali families too afraid to brave another wildfire season, there are now more dating coaches than ever in the Austin area.

Dating Coaches Austin

There are now more dating coaches in Austin than there are Fast & Furious movies.

Like F&F you don’t have the time (or desire) to sort through every coach and figure out which is the best.

It’s with your romantic future in mind that we’ve taken the time to comb through the dozens of coaches in Austin and whittle the list down to the best 3 coaches for your consideration.

So enough with the foreplay, let’s get weird.


How would you feel about dating multiple women a week?

Sounds like a pretty quick way to find your partner doesn’t it?

emlovz’s dating program is geared towards equipping men with the skills they need to find and court various women at the same time.

This is what we call MegaDating.

By dating women simultaneously you’ll be taking a shortcut to find a woman you’re compatible with.

Instead of sitting back and hoping you’ll find “the one” you’ll be taking a proactive approach in meeting women.

We should note before moving forward that our services are targeted 100% at men. Our lessons, strategy, and guidance speak to specific male dating needs.

So how do you learn to MegaDate?

Four Pronged Approach

At emlovz we know that everyone learns differently and that not everyone’s schedule is conducive to a weekly hour-long one-on-one call.

This is why we offer four learning pathways all geared towards turning your dating life around.

  • Online Curriculum
  • Two Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Mock Dates
  • Private Online Community

Online Curriculum

Via 31 lessons covering 7 different topics, we give you a comprehensive understanding of how dating in 2022 works. We also teach you the skills you need to know to find and court women.

Some lessons our course covers include:

  • Choosing the best dating photos
  • How to MegaMessage to save time
  • Using a TDL to ask a woman out
  • First date blueprint
  • Best in-person opening lines
  • Spotting an unstable woman
  • Confidence building

These lessons can be accessed via our video course at a time of your convenience.

2x Weekly Strategy Sessions

Nothing can ever fully replace the dynamic of strategizing with a coach in real-time.

It’s for this reason we offer two weekly strategy sessions via Zoom to group enrollees.

Any questions that might pop up during your dating journey can be asked during this time.

We’ll discuss successes, failures, and strategize on how to maximize your dating life.

We can even look over your dating profiles, messages, and talk through any of your upcoming dates.

In the group session, questions can be asked anonymously so as to keep your identity hidden if you so wish.

Online Community

No one wants to go through dating alone — especially if you’re on the older side.

It’s for this reason we’ve created a private online community of single men that are in your exact position. It’s with these men that you can share experiences, strategize, and empathize with.

This is a positive group of men that only want to support each other during their respected journeys.

While our community is online, members have often met up in person.

And the best part is that once you sign up you’re a member for life and have lifetime access to our community, online curriculum, and weekly coaching calls. 

Mock Dates

Let’s say you’ve attended weekly sessions for a month. You’ve discussed with other single men on our online group and have completed our entire online program.

But you’re still apprehensive to go on your first date.

Many men have a fear of dating after having taken a substantial hiatus.

To address this fear, shake off any romantic rust, and put to use the dating tactics you’ve been learning about we set each of our clients up on a mock date with an emlovz coach.

austin dating coaches

It’s during this date that you’ll be able to apply the skills you’ve been learning in our program.

After your mock date with our coach, you’ll be provided with detailed feedback. You’ll learn what was and wasn’t working for you and what you still need to improve on.

Jackie Elise

Texas-born and bred Jackie Elise has ample experience helping women and men find their lifetime partners.

What does working with this Austin-based dating coach and matchmaker look like?

It involves an 8-step process.

  1. 45-min Personal intake session
  2. Personality and relationship analysis
  3. Personalized recruiting specialist team
  4. In-depth interviews
  5. Curated first dates
  6. Pre-date coaching
  7. Feedback from both parties
  8. Post-date recap

When you team up with Jackie you’re enlisting the help of both a matchmaker and a dating coach.

It should be said that Jackie’s style leans more towards matchmaking, while coaching is secondary and only takes place just before dates.

If you want to know more about what working with Jackie looks like, check out these glowing testimonials.

I’ll leave one testimonial from Sophia here for you to take a look at:

“Jackie was incredible! She knocked it out of the park on the 1st match! She really listened to what I was looking for and asked me great questions. 

Then she interviewed a handful of different men and set me up with the most amazing man! I truly feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet Bryan and it wouldn’t have happened without Jackie. 

I can’t believe he was my first match! We had an incredible first date and are now planning a lifetime of adventures together!”

Lauren Johnston

Lauren is an intuitive life coach consultant that works with all kinds of people looking to achieve all kinds of goals.

To quote Lauren…

“Whether it is a relationship with self-care, a significant other, or a relationship with money, I specialize in raising the vibration for a “Relationship Revolution”.

Lauren uses her “resonance repatterning” technique to improve clients seeking to improve various aspects of their lives. She helps clients improve everything from their romantic relationships to their relationships with money and inner peace.

Resonance repatterning is a healing technique used to unroot deep-seated subconscious beliefs by using negative and positive statements. If done correctly it can rewire neuro-emotional pathways in the brain.

Via six modules Lauren will leverage resonance repatterning to “change the vibration of your negative beliefs and stores about self-love and ultimately lead to the loving relationship of your dreams.”

This class is perfect for those that:

  • Don’t receive anything in return for their love
  • Have a pattern of unhealthy romantic relationships
  • Question if love is possible for them

First Date Blueprint

After you’ve connected with a coach and started learning the way of the modern dating pro, it’ll be time to go on a first date.

If you’re interested in the MegaDating method you’re probably wondering how you’ll date so many women at the same time.

Isn’t dating multiple women a week expensive and time-consuming? 


I mean it could be, but not if you’re following the MegaDating first date blueprint.

If so you should be going on dates that are:

  • Briefer than an hour
  • Less than $10

Only going on first dates that adhere to these rules ensures that you’ll have plenty of time to date around without breaking the bank.

If you’re applying what you’ve learned in emlovz’s Dating Decoded program effectively you should have a calendar bulging with dates.

The one-hour time limit is such a crucial guideline to abide by because most of the women you’ll be seeing are complete strangers.

They’re acquaintances and women you’ve met online. There’s a half-decent chance the moment you meet her you’re turned off and know things won’t work out. Give yourself an out by promising only an hour of your time.

Make it known before the date that you can only see her for an hour.

Tell her you’ve got other engagements thus giving you a pre-planned out.

If she attempts to change the time of the date so you two will have more time to spend together on your date, tell her the truth.

You have a first date rule that only allows you to spend no more than an hour on first dates.

If the time limit throws her off, be sure to ask her out on a second date using a TDL at the end of the first date to signal your interest.

Let’s Talk

You’re now acquainted with the best dating coaches in Austin Texas.

Now it’s time to do a bit more research and make your pick.

I’d love to briefly talk to you about your dating goals and how emlovz might be able to help you.

On our 1-on-1 call we’ll discuss your romantic goals and see if emlovz is right for you.

After enrolling you’ll have access to our wealth of online resources that allow you to learn about courtship on your own time.

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